About Us
B.S.A. was established since 1911 in Japan and has devoted himself to develop innovative products with creative thoughts and professional skills. It offers a wide range of high quality dental products to meet the growing market demand from vast variety dental health care industries. For more than 100 years the name of B.S.A. has been associated with the top quality Dental Products in Japan.

We place customer satisfaction at the very heart of our business; hence has put a great deal of emphasis on research and development to ensure continual improvement in our product quality and production efficiency.

We are committed to maintain high quality control standard to meet TUV, FDA, CE Mark, ISO9001/2000. With the full of confidence, proudly we promote B.S.A. products in Malaysia as an exclusive agent which is managing by USE Electronics (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.
In this way, we commit ourselves to provide high quality competitively priced dental 
product used by Oral Surgeons, Clinics, Periodontists and General Dentists. In Addition, 
we are selling product through 
our customized website which is providing valuable information on products, purchasing, 
payments and delivery.

Please visit B.S.A. manufacturer in Japan:
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